mos Def Kunde bei A kind of Guise

A Label to watch: A Kind of Guise

It seems like there are uprising new brands in the cosmos of „hey-let´s-go-out-and-found-a-new-fashion-label“ on a daily basis. Of course this overload of offers is not only a blessing, many bullshit stores cover up the streets. All the better that we not have to look that far to find something really GOOD!

The Munich based label A Kind of Guise is „as recently“ founded as in 2009, the first physicall store exists since 2012. Their promise is: everything manufactured in Germany! So for all those who are sick of hoddy „xy“ that is worth 3 Dollars in production but sold at a price of 90 Euros, you are right here. This is as easy as: Quality has its price!

Munich is a huge city and the capital of Bavaria has made its evolution regarding „fashion“. You no longer have to peer to Berlin to find something „cool“.

What we also really appreciate is the label´s Web-/Social Media presense. There are no big deals of sponsoring articles or buying likes on Facebook and so on. Means no obsessive search for approval in the highly competitive fashion market. It nearly seems as the team is working in secret on the brand.

Modest, stylish and pleasant! And honestly, when Mos Def is wearing this stuff, we can not be too wrong! Less is simple more!

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